CPIM Certified Members

We would like to congratulate the following CPIM members of the Lincoln Land Chapter. Certification data is supplied to the chapter by APICS on a monthly basis but based on the timing of the data upload, communications with the testing service and other factors, results may not be available on a timely basis.

If you have questions about your certification status, call APICS @ 800-444-2742.  

Name Certification(s)
Thomas V Cerri CPIM 
Jamie L Cody CPIM 
Jeffrey Craig CPIM 
Amit Darekar CPIM 
Tony T Gambardella CPIM 
Margaret A Gutgesell CPIM CSCP 
Stacey Hall CPIM 
Camilla E Harper CPIM 
Laura Hayes CPIM 
Harsha Lakinepally CPIM CSCP CLTD 
Joel Lancaster CPIM CSCP SCOR-P 
Joe B Mikesell CPIM CSCP 
Alex Mueller CPIM 
Guinivere Rhodes CPIM 
J Phillip Rous CPIM 
Jay Ruffner CPIM 
Megan Rupert CPIM 
Heather J Ryan CPIM CLTD 
Stuart Snodgrass CPIM 
Michael Webb CPIM 
Julia Wilkinson CPIM CSCP